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About Change Possible

Why We Serve

Families and individuals are suffering and hurting every day in our community—many times in silence. Oftentimes, because we are unable to deal with our past trauma, loss and/or abandonment that same pain spills into our present; poisoning our children, our relationships and ourselves. 

At Change Possible Consulting, we believe that change is possible for the entire family unit. The question is… How bad do you want it? Are you ready to break the negative generational cycles and begin to establish positive living legacies? If so, let Change Possible Consulting, LLC be your launching pad into a brighter future!  

Who We Serve

Our services are open to the community regardless of gender, race, creed, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.  However, Change Possible Consulting, LLC uses a spiritual pastoral based religious approach to counseling these services may not be suitable for individuals experiencing serious mental health issues.

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